Who are we?

Eleven Intimates is your next favourite stop for beautiful lingerie with a heartfelt touch. Born in lockdown and built on love, we're all about creating stunning lingerie that celebrates everyone: every shape, every size, every day. It's lingerie that's made to be both loved and lived in. Step into a world where you feel good, look great and don't break the bank.

Because the future of lingerie is about more than just wearing it; it's about living it.

Eleven Intimates is a family-inspired lingerie brand, stemming from 50 years of passion and expertise in intimate apparel. By merging age-old family knowledge with modern-day insights, Eleven Intimates offers a unique blend of quality, design, and affordability, ensuring every piece resonates with the spirit of today's discerning woman.

In a world abundant with choices, Eleven Intimates stands out by intertwining a rich half-century legacy with the freshness of today. We're more than just a lingerie brand; we're a promise. A promise of affordability without skimping on quality, of inclusivity regardless of size or shape, and of sustainability in every stitch and hue. Our ethos stems from our belief that feeling beautiful inside should be a daily ritual, not a rare luxury. Through every curve-flattering design and vibrant palette, we strive to make every day feel a little more special.

Redefining Comfort and Confidence with Eleven Intimates.

Who is the Eleven Intimates Customer?

She is any age - our brand is age inclusive. 
She is in any shape or size from a size 8-20 currently with plans to expand. 
She is confident in her own skin and understands the importance of self-love and feeling your best. She is fun loving, and living life to the fullest. 


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